The ADuC814 is a fully integrated 247 kSPS 12-bit data acquisi-

tion system incorporating a high performance multichannel ADC, an

8-bit MCU, and program/data Flash/EE memory on a single chip.

This low power device operates from a 32 kHz crystal with an

on-chip PLL generating a high frequency clock of 16.78 MHz.

This clock is in turn routed through a programmable clock divider

from which the MCU core clock operating frequency is generated.

The microcontroller core is an 8052 and is therefore 8051-

instruction-set compatible. 8 Kbytes of nonvolatile Flash/EE

program memory are provided on-chip. 640 bytes of nonvolatile

Flash/EE data memory and 256 bytes of RAM are also integrated


The ADuC814 also incorporates additional analog functionality

with dual 12-bit DACs, a power supply monitor, and a band

gap reference.

On-chip factory firmware supports in-circuit serial download and更多详情请来电联系我们:0755-6662 2582     135 3751  7289

debug modes (via UART), as well as the single-pin emulation

mode via the DLOAD pin. The ADuC814 is supported by a

QuickStart™ development system. This is a full featured low cost

system, consisting of PC-based (Windows

® compatible) hardware

and software development tools.

The part operates from a single 3 V or 5 V supply over the

extended temperature range –40 C to +125 C. When operating

from 3 V supplies, the power dissipation for the part is below

10 mW. The ADuC814 is housed in a 28-lead TSSOP package.



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